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Our Model

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EdLaw Helps Individual Clients AND Addresses Root Causes


Our education advocacy intervenes at the various points in the Pipeline to disrupt the trajectory and help students to get the skills they need to become contributing citizens. 


Our Work


Our lawyers engage with clients in several ways:

Direct Representation: Represent students at suspension and expulsion hearings and special education team meetings.

Advisories: Work closely with lawyers and parents to support their direct advocacy efforts.

Technical Assistance: Field questions and offer advice/guidance on education-related issues.

Pro Bono Panel: Support a panel of over 100 trained lawyers from area law firms and corporations that provide education advocacy for low income families who are not directly involved with the juvenile court system.

Trainings: Conduct trainings statewide for parents, youth workers, probation officers, attorneys, and judges.


The Framework


With a small pool of private resources, we are leveraging an entire state agency to drastically shift kids’ life outcomes.

It costs over $90K per year to incarcerate a child. It costs only around $11K each year to educate one.

Each child that graduates high school earns around $250,000 more over their lifetime than a non-graduate. For those who graduate college, those lifetime earnings quadruple.

Kids that drop out of school and enter the criminal justice system cost the state over $2 million over their life times.

The children of high school drop outs are at profoundly elevate risk of dropping out and going to prison themselves.

Our realized social and economic leverage is powerful already. Our opportunity impact is monumental.




We engage in partnerships with other state agencies and non-profit organizations to attempt to tackle these issues not only on an individual basis, but also to impact the broader systems.


Our Social and Economic Leverage


We are supporting 1000 lawyers across the state. 

GOAL: to see our state’s most vulnerable children get the quality education they deserve knowing that this intervention has the potential to change the education landscape in Massachusetts.

Five percent of the schools are responsible for over 40% of the state’s school exclusions and are among the lowest performing schools in the state. 

Our aggregate litigation strategy, where we will have lawyers advocating in these problem schools will change the ways schools operate. They will need to adapt to meet the needs of their students.