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Marathon Fundraising Update


The Youth Advocacy Foundation is so thrilled to be part of John Hancock's Non-Profit Partner program for the 2018 Boston Marathon! We have two very ambitious runners, Michele ScavongelliJacquie Boudreau, and Grace Hennemuth whose fundraising efforts have gotten off to a great start! 

So far, our runners have raised over $39,000, with over $28,000 raised on #GivingTuesday alone! In fact, Michele was the top non-profit individual fundraiser in John Hancock's #GivingTuesday challenge, which meant that she was the winner of an additional $2,620 donation to her campaign from John Hancock!

We can't wait to continue following #TeamYAF's progress, and providing you with regular updates on their training and fundraising status!

Thank you to everybody who has been such ardent supporters of YAF!

Eliza States