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Patriots Players on Juvenile Justice Reform


Read this powerful Op-Ed by influencers from the Patriots following a day of discussing youth incarceration in Massachusetts with YAF, CPCS, and other juvenile justice advocates.

The Patriots' Devin McCourty, Jonathan Kraft, and Robert Kraft wrote an Op-Ed in the Boston Globe last weekend on juvenile justice reform in MA, and the urgent need to stop criminalizing our youth. Read the excerpt below, and check out the entire article here.

THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS represent a six-state region and we are grateful for many things, including our region’s national leadership in improving our justice systems, especially for children and youth. The Patriots organization cares about the safety of our communities and we know the best place to start is with our youngest members. If we get it right with our youth, they will become our future leaders, neighbors, and trusted colleagues. Continue to The Boston Globe.

Also, this past week there was an NFL Segment on Listen and Learn featuring Patriots players, president Jonathan Kraft, and CPCS, YAF, and other criminal justice advocates.

Watch the segment below:

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